2 Green Village Road, Suite 217

Madison, New Jersey


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About Us
CoreAlign at Mind Over Movement


Mind Over Movement is located near Drew University and conveniently located near the neighboring towns of Chatham, Florham Park, and Morristown.


We believe that movement is integral to life and the aging process. Integrating your muscles fully helps you to stand your ground as you get older. With that, we use both Pilates equipment (Reformer, Tower, Wunda Chair), CoreAlign & Bodhi.


As a Balanced Body® Education Facility, we offer exceptional Pilates instructor certifications. We also offer a wide range of continuing education programs including Anatomy in Three Dimensions™. We know training to become a Pilates Instructor can be lengthy and expensive. So, our training program is flexible; you have the opportunity to learn each module as your budget and time allows. You can also stop where you feel comfortable for as long as you like.


Our Instructors