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Madison, New Jersey


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Jennifer discovered Pilates while looking for a way to get back into shape after college. It took just one class, and she was hooked! She loved what Pilates could do for her body and mind. In 2011, she decided to take her love of the practice to the next level by becoming an instructor. Jennifer trained and apprenticed with Marcy at Mind Over Movement while working a full time administrative job. After completing her training she decided that she wanted to make helping people through Pilates her life's work. She has been working solely as a Pilates instructor ever since. She still uses her admin skills, as she also serves as the studio manager at Mind Over Movement. In 2015, Jennifer became a fully comprehensive Balanced Body Pilates instructor.

Jen instructs the following:
  • Reformer/Tower - Mixed Level

  • Reformer - Mixed Level
  • The Reformer is the most versatile piece of equipment developed by Joseph Pilates. Using a simple wooden frame, a movable carriage, springs, a footbar, and adjustable arm and foot loops, Joe invented an exercise machine that addresses virtually every part of the body! From leg presses, to abdominals, to arms, to standing work, Joe developed progressive exercises that can be used with clients of all kinds from the novice to the super fit.

    Mixed level group classes are appropriate for those with some prior Pilates experience and no injuries. You will be taking classes with others that have a variety of Pilates experience and variations will be taught for each level. Our intimate setting allows you to learn the exercises with mindfulness.

    Please see website for class cancellation policy
    • All Group Classes run on a 55-minute hour
    • If no one is signed up for a group class 12-hours prior to start of class, it will be cancelled
    • If client is 15 minutes late to any scheduled class without notification it will be considered a late cancellation

    • Arrive a few minutes early to your session
    • Please wear comfortable workout clothes. Socks are recommended but not required
    • Please bring your own water for hydration

    Illuminate the Mind
    Empower the Body!

    5 students maximum to one instructor enables personal attention for each student.
    Prerequisite: Reformer experience at our studio!

  • CoreAlign - Mixed Level
  • Part mind-body, part cardio, part strength and totally unique!

    The CoreAlign® improves posture, balance and functional movement in a fast-paced, challenging workout unlike anything else. For all fitness levels you will feel the difference after one session.
    The CoreAlign method stimulates core stability muscles to fire in perfect timing while performing challenging exercises, very deep stretches and core controlled aerobic training. The method is used for musculoskeletal rehabilitation, performance enhancement and as a regular sport for a healthy lifestyle.

    Extraordinary versatility – hundreds of functional movement exercises!

  • Mixed Equipment - Mixed Level
  • Each week the instructor will create a class based on who is signed in and how many people are enrolled.  Be surprised each week which piece of equipment you might workout on.